About pjur

Our story

More feeling, more sensations, more adventure. Whatever you're looking for, at pjur we've got the right products for you. As a family-run company, we've put our heart and soul into what we do for more than 25 years.

The pjur group started producing lubricants in Germany in 1995. With Alexander Giebel at the helm and headquartered in Luxembourg, the pjur group has maintained its production facilities in Germany, and has expanded rapidly into other countries, attaining a high degree of brand awareness in the process. Even though lubricants have been used since Roman times, pjur was the first company in the world to develop and market a silicone lubricant.

Our portfolio now comprises over 60 products from silicone- and water-based personal lubricants and massage lotions through products for toys and for stimulating and delaying performance right through to intimate hygiene products and niche articles for extra special preferences.

The name pjur {pronounced “pure”} is a by-word for reliability and safety the world over, promising premium products “Made in Germany” to uncompromising quality standards. As a result, we repeatedly receive awards and seals of approval for our products' properties, including their outstanding skin compatibility. All products are dermatologically tested and meet the stringent requirements set down by international organisations such as the FDA in the US, the TGA in Australia and the European Union.

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25 years pjur – quarter of a century

Our Mission

To do justice to our vision every single day. To stay focused and committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality, purity and safety. As a family-owned and operated company we engage in long-term and responsible entrepreneurship and fulfil our mission with select partners who share and represent our values. We capitalize on global growth opportunities to boost the quality of life of our customers throughout the world. pjur should not be seen only as a product , but as being synonymous with intimate products of unrivaled quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to improve the quality of people’s (love) life everywhere in the world. We are intent on creating joy, enhancing sensations and reducing physical discomfort with the highest respect for your intimacy at all times.

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