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The soft and sensitive skin of women – particularly in the intimate area – requires special... more
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The soft and sensitive skin of women – particularly in the intimate area – requires special attention. pjur WOMAN was developed specially for women - with their feeling of well-being and their ability to feel with all the senses in mind: a lubricant and massage fluid with an extremely long lubricant effect that leaves a soft, silky skin feeling. If the moisture balance in the intimate area should be upset because of stress, after giving birth or during menopause, pjur WOMAN will restore sexual well-being again. This formula is completely devoid of perfumes and preservatives.

And if you would like to be pampered by your partner with a massage, as a silicone-based llubricant, pjur WOMAN is just the thing for an even more intensive experience. Enjoy a wonderful, velvety-smooth skin with just a dab of pjur woman – a girl’s best friend at certain times.

Compatible with latex condoms.

  • Leaves a silky, soft feeling on the skin
  • Contains no perfumes or preservatives
  • Suitable also for erotic massage

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol.


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Customer evaluation for
14 Feb 2015

Absolut perfekt.

Für mich und meinen Mann absolut perfekt. Da ich sehr empfindliche Haut habe habe ich dieses Gel sehr gut vertragen. Auch die Haut wird weich und zart. Und das Gel klebt nicht so wie manch andere Gele.

5 May 2014

My bottle of Pjur Woman is my best friend! I love this stuff.

I don't think most people understand the importance of lubrication, especially for a woman who doesn't produce enough herself.

Lubrication changed my sex life. I now know, from talking to other women about lubrication that I never, ever produced enough naturally. If my husband tried to touch my clitoris, I wouldn't let him- I think it is because I was not wet enough and it was irritating to me. I would end up with little, tiny, hair -sized rips on my labia because of it. It never occurred to me that I did not have enough natural lubrication. I always used the few drops of pre-ejaculate from my husband to lubricate my vaginal opening. Needless to say, since I didn't let him touch my clitoris, I was not having orgasms!!!! When I finally read in a book that I needed to try lubrication--wow!!!!!!!!

When I found Pjur Woman- a siliocone based lubrication my whole sex life changed!!!! I love it. I wouldn't have sex without it.

28 Mar 2010

Sehr empfehlenswert

Durch die hohe Gleitfähig wunderbar geeignet für Massagen. Es hinterlässt tatsächlich ein zartes Hautgefühl.
Aufgrund der Eigenschaften ist es auch für anderes als Massagen sehr geeignet.

6 Mar 2010

Samtig weich

Ich Habe eine Probe erhalten, welche ich als Mann beim masturbieren testete.
Da mein Penis sehr straff beschnitten ist, d.H. sich keine Haut verschieben lässt, bin ich auf ein Mittel angewiesen, welches geschmeidig ist und nicht zu schnell trocknet, das ansonsten die Haut wundgescheuert wird.
Die Hautoberfläche wird PJUR Woman BODYGLIDE samtig weich, geschmeidig und rutschig über einen sehr langen Zeitraum. Kräftiges langanhaltendes reiben während der Masturbation über 30 min hinweg sind kein Problem. Ebenso ein aufnehmen der Handlung zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt ist problemlos möglich!

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